The Energetics of Food and the Magic of Rye

“What’s the Deal with Food We Eat?”

Because what we eat directly affects us.

🌿 Beautiful presentation of food creates harmony; experiencing harmony elevates our frequency.

🌿 The less processed the food is, the higher and more valuable its energy.

🌿 The purer, more natural, sunlight-bathed, and free from plant toxins the food is grown, the greater its energetic value.

🌿 Food obtained through violence carries an energetic imprint of that violence (e.g., soil depletion) and has an impact on the consumer.

The way food is prepared and served holds great importance; it influences the energy of the food.

This is why artisanal food, compared to mass-produced counterparts, carries a higher frequency and greater energetic value.

The artisan is an alchemist. Through their actions, they can significantly alter the inherent frequency of ingredients.

Rukkimaania is, in essence, a bit of rye magic.

Nothing far-fetched. Or how else to put it…

Creation and love.

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