Cheese-spinach kringle

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Salty braid bread which is filled with smooth vegan cheese or three different cheeses (estonian cheese, blue cheese and parmesan), mildly spicy harissa and healthy spinach. The kringle is covered in sesame seeds. Like many other Rukkimaania products, this one is also described by abundance and succulence. The kringle will stay soft to eat for days after thanks to the moistness and also the olive oil that is used in perfecting the product after it comes from the oven.

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Weight: 1 kg


yeast dough: wheat flour, sugar, oil, salt, yeast

Filling: estonian cheese, blue cheese, parmesan, spinach, black salt, black pepper, harissa

NB! If You want a vegan version of the product, be sure to add it to the notes separately when ordering!

1 review for Cheese-spinach kringle

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    Ütleme nii, et juustuga siin ei koonerdata ning seltskonnas ei leidunud ühtegi inimest, kellele see kringel poleks meeldinud. Tore vaheldus tüüpilistele magusatele sünnipäeva istumistele, imemaitsev, mahlane ja ahvatleva lõhna ning välimusega 🙂

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