Soft rye flour vegan muffin


Juicy and full of berries, this muffin is a healthy and filling morning, noon or evening snack. Stays soft up to three days and contains only rye flour. Those who haven`t tried it, won`t know how good a muffin can be! These muffins bake in the oven at a low temperature until delicioucsly golden brown. Seasonally, we change the berries or additives that are in it- blackcurrants, sea buckthorn, rhubarb, raspberries- have been the most popular so far. Even those who haven´t liked muffins so far, change their opinions after tasting this delicacy One of the label– or symbol products of our bakery.

When ordering a larger amount, ask for a discount!


Ingredients: rye leaven, cooking oil, wholegrain rye flour, finely ground rye flour, sugar, blackcurrants, chocolate, vqanilla sugar, baking soda, salt, weight: 140 gr

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